The Shop :

Welcome to the shop. If you'd like to test the instruments, you should come to Antwerp, but I can present the guitars with some nice pictures here. At the moment, all the instruments come at prices under 3000€.

 For this you get top quality materials in an instrument with its own character. Made with lots of love, and lots of work (about 250 hours each). This is far cheaper than the guitars of equal quality you'll find elsewhere. I invite you to come and assert this. I only use the top quality woods I can find (I go to Spain personally to sort my woods). I can afford to spend more time on details and experiments (leading to better guitars).

I can work cheaper because I'm exempt of VAT (so there's already a difference of 21%), buying directly from the builder is cheaper than buying in a shop and my main aim is to see to it that every good guitar player can afford a great instrument.


A quick overview (click the picture to go to the detailed description of the instrument):

                small hands 2016     

And then the two ceedees

1. Guitar LudArt, spruce top.

Number 1 is the most 'classical' guitar I've got in store. It's the model I designed in 2007, and which made me decide to make a profession out of building. It contains my most used woods (indian rosewood, honduran cedar, spruce (I always build a pair: one spruce, one western red cedar), all topwoods.





2. Guitar LudArt, spruce top.

The difference with number 2 is the extra hole in the sides. It does make quite a difference, you shoud come and have a listen. Some people will prefer the more classical approach, but I will be building guitars with the extra hole from now and. In this one, I also changed the way the strings are attached to the bridge, giving it another aesthetic view.




3. Guitar LudArt, western red cedar top

The reason I work in pairs: the result is very different, and I want to offer my clients the opportunity to have a real choice. This cedar guitar has a nice warm sound, almost jazzy. I've had clients try a spruce top and telling me it's too classical for them, and they go for the cedar. But I've also had clients who swore they'd never take anything but cedar, that left after buying a spruce one.




4. Small hands guitar

The difference with the above: everything. The only thing remaining the same is the quality of the build and the sound. I've used different woods (walnut, kingwood), it has a different bracing, the bridge has another design, I've used a carbon fiber rod in the neck, it's a 640 in stead of 650 mm guitar, the neck is smaller, it has quite a different rosette, ... Really a different instrument alltogether. And an ideal one if your hands are small.



5. LudArt guitar cedar

The latest cedar top. This one also has the carbon insert in the neck. It sounds quite different from the other cedar tops, but again, it's difficult to pinpoint this to just one element. Another difference: I switched tot the GrandTune mechanisms of Schaller. Here I used the black ones with snakewood pegs. But i's not only the view that changes:  they're super smooth, and yet very stable. This comes with a price tag naturally, making this more expensive than the guitars above.





6. Ludart gitaar vuren

The etiquette says 2019, but this guitar was finished in 2020. This is because in 2019 the build wa interrupted by a commission (a guitar with an extra wide neck). This guitar has a carbon-reinforced neck and very smooth Schaller GrandTune tuning gears with rollerballs. New are the Evo Gold frets. These are harder than the usual frets. The colour may take some adjusting to, but I'm very pleased with the result.



7. Two CD's

When I receive groups for workshops, or on the days I open up my shop to the public, people don't buy a guitar. To give them a souvenir of my work, I recorded 2 ceedees people can buy for 10€. The first one is called 'In de hoofdrol' and shows 4 of my guitars playing the leading part. This CD showcases the guitar in solo, duet and trio, with music from composers as Bach, Joplin, myself, ...

in de hoofdrol

The second one is called 'Tesamen',  and was made to show the versatility of the guitar, with solo guitar, but also a number of guitars playing together, and adding other instruments like the cello, the bassguitar, didgeridoo, cornetto, percussion. All instruments were played by myself.


I do hope these pictures can incite you to visit me in Antwerp!!