Hello, welcome to my site 'ludart', where you'll find some information about the luthier d'art Ludwig Geudens.


Unfortunately, I don't have the possibility to translate my entire site into English (I want to have the time to build guitars rather than websites), but I'll give you some basic information, and you can browse the pages and look at the pictures. For any further information, please contact me at ludwig@ludart.be

At the left side you find some buttons:

de bouwer: the builder: here you'll find information about me and my history in guitarbuilding. I'm a belgian builder, living in Antwerp. My main aim is to amuse myself building guitars, trying to build the best guitar in the world (I think this should be every builder's aim). I like to work in my own rythm and style, but propositions are always looked at carefully. You'll find a link on this page ('hier') which leads to a page of pictures of other instruments I made up till now.

de gitaar: the guitar. Here you'll find a picture of a guitar. When you point at the different parts (body, neck, ...) you'll be able to open pages telling you about these parts of the instrument.

dagboek: diary. This page is to inform you about the stage I'm in at the moment on specific instruments. I also offer the opportunity to help you build your own guitar. This is called the 'coöpguitar'. One of my goals is to give as many people as possible acces to a good guitar. With this coöpguitar, they will have a good instrument at lesser cost. In the diary you'll also find some news on the advances in these guitars.  You will also find pictures of former 'coöpers'.

shop: shop. Here you'll find a presentation of the instruments currently on sale.

speeddate: speeddate. This is kind of a game, to see if your ideas about guitars and music collide with mine.

praktisch: practical: Here you'll find some practical information.

links: links. Some links to colleagues, and other sites of intrest to luthiers and guitarists. Do not hesitate to propose your own site. If it fits the profile, and on condition of reciprocity, I'll be happy to mention you on this page.